As the worldwide demand for electricity increases and the historical reliance on fossil fuels is being challenged by increasing environment awareness, the focus has turned to renewable energy.

SUNPRISM has been established in 2005 as the manufacturing subsidiary of BIC For Electronics, Environment & Energy.

Our core business is the manufacturing  high quality Photovoltaic  modules in wide range from 3 Wp up to 330 Wp.

Our acquired experience in crystalline PV modules manufacturing is coming from the heritage of our world-class management and engineers in PV modules manufacturing since 1997.

The factory is located in Ismailia Public Free Zone in Egypt. SUNPRISM’s crew is more than 100 qualified engineers and technicians, dedicated on harnessing the Sun’s energy to generate solar electric power, with annual production capacity of 50 MW.

Our high-quality PV modules provide clean and reliable solar electric power to on-grid and off-grid residential, commercial, industrial and utility scale applications around the world. At SUNPRISM, we believe the true value of a panel lies in the electricity it generates. In independent tests around the world, our panels have proven their superior energy performance. So, choosing SUNPRISM isn’t just a quality purchase; it’s a reliable investment.