Mini kit 5

MINI KIT 5 is a complete self contained solar lighting system. The solar module generats electricity during the day to be stored in a battery enabling the 5 watt Lumina to operate up to 5 hours daily in sunny locations. The system controller protects the battery from harmful over charge and deep discharge ensuring its lifetime and system reliability. The Mini Kit 5 is fully expandable with the addition of further GP 5 solar modules and batteries in order to power up to 30 watts of loads. Mini Kit 5 is small enough to slip into a rucksack pocket for easy carrying by user. With Mini Kit 5 you will have a dependable light source wherever you are. It is also ideal as a car battery charger using cigarette lighter plug (Optional) or it can charge mobile telephone batteiy_by using female cigarette lighter plug (Optional). The Mini Kit 5 contains all the necessary material including the accessories required to make installation very simple by the user him self.



  • Camping.
  • Remote military out posts .
  • Beach huts.
  • Sailing boats .


  • Low cost.
  • Simple to install .
  • Complete self – contained kit.
  • Fully expandable.
  • Maintenance free.
  • High reliability.


  • Gp 5 Solar Module.
  • Lumina With 5 Watt Lamp.
  • Electronic Charge/Load Controller.
  • Sealed Battery.
  • Complete set of Wiring and Installation Hardware

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