Solar pv kits

How Does It Work?

The Solar PV Kit converts sunlight into DC electricity through the use of solar panels( PV Modules). From there, the DC electricity is either used to power the DC load sand/or is fed through the inverter which transforms it into AC electricity to power all appliances of your home.
In the event of a cloudy day or generally during night,the Solar PV Kit relies on its unique battery back-up to continue to provide minimal electricity to your home.

Solar PV Kit Components?

The Kit consists of a solar charge controller,one or more solar PV modules,a battery bank and the connected DC loads,plus an inverter for the AC loads.
The controller is controlling the energy flow of the entire system,where it allows the PV modules to charge the battery quickly and efficiently,beside protecting the battery from both over charging and deep discharge.img-pvlit2

Solar PV Kit -Details

BIC Solar PV Kit is fulfilling the vision of sustainable and independent houses or communities in the rural areas of low or zero electrification option,by providing this renewable and reliable source of energy,with the flexibility of expandable sizing according to the required loads.

Applicationsof the Solar PV Kit, can be applied in:

  • Homes
  • Caravans and chalets
  • Remote outposts
  • Beach huts and house boats
  • Security Lighting in industrial & commercial zones

Advantages of the Solar PV Kit:

  • Energy Saving & Rural Electrification
  • Fully Expandable & Modular
  • Easy Installation & Free Maintenance
  • High Reliability & Environment Friendly

Components of BIC Solar PV Kit:


Load Consumption Profiles supported BIC Solar PV Kit:


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