Solar lighting pole

The independent, economic and reliable lighting solution!

The Solar Street Light is a tried and tested lighting solution. A variety

of sizes of and number of solar modules can be mounted on the light

pole; this appliance a flexible solution, suitable for a wide range of


The light pole is equipped with an adjustable mounting frame allowing

the solar module to be aligned for maximal solar yield. The produced

electricity is conducted via cables and a solar battery charger to the

solar batteries placed at the base of the pole.

The system can be customer designed to ensure that the lamp has a

reliable power supply even during periods of bad weather.

The complete ready-to-install system consists of: solar modules, LED lamp, solar charge regulator, lamp pole and the solar batteries.

LED lamps

Specification of LED:

The luminary consists of LED`s with an output of up

to 11.500 and will be delivered including a special

energy-saving mode (ESM). Our solar streetlights

are available in 12/24 V version and are suitable for

masts with a max. height of 12 meters.


A modular design permits divers applications. Wall

brackets can for example replace the light pole,

allowing the lamp and modules to be installed on

an existing wall.

Shedding light on all over

The solar street light can be utilized for diverse

applications: Lighting of remote streets/highways,

parking areas, resident or industrial areas, bike/foot

paths, play grounds, parks, as well as lighting from bus Stopps etc.


Fast installation

Elaborate cable lying is not necessary, installation

is extremly flexible

Solar Street Light is customer designed, i.e.

according to climate, application, required

illumination cycle, summer or winter.


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